Weather in A Coruña

The city of A Coruña has a mild climate, without great variations throughout the year.

The yearly average temperature is 14 °C and during the summer months the warm weather invites to enjoy the beaches of the city, the average temperature during July and August being 19° C. In a typical summer day temperatures will range between 20° C and 25° C. Mornings may be a bit cloudy and foggy, but afternoons will usually sunny, with blue sky.

A Coruña is one of the European cities where the sun sets later, allowing visitors to enjoy their leisure time with daylight.

Rains are frequent in autumn and spring and winters are mild with average temperatures of around 10 °C during the winter months.

Weather in A Coruña (Monthly average in Celsius)
Temp. (°C) Jan Feb. Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec. Avg
Maximum 13° 14° 15° 16° 17° 20° 22° 23° 22° 19° 16° 14° 17,4°
Minimum 11° 14° 16° 16° 15° 13° 10° 11°
Rainfall (mm) 128 102 79 85 80 42 30 35 68 110 114 135 84

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Weather in Coruña


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Domus 1997

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