What to do in Spain?

What to do in spain

Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. It has a lot to offer to the visitor, rich in history, culture, traditions, gastronomy and also geography, with very different landscapes. Known, as a tourist destination for sun and sea, Spain is much more than beach tourism, some of its most beautiful spots remain undiscovered.

Skiing in the mountains or sunbathing on the beaches are both possible in winter moths, not many countries can equal such an assorted offer of activities.

If you like water sports, you'll find in the Spanish coasts resources for surfing, scuba-diving, sailing, etc.

If you prefer the mountain you'll find great places for trekking, skiing, snow-boarding... Historic or religious paths, like the one used for peregrination to Saint Jacques, cross Spain for those who are ready to walk and to discover the more traditional and authentic side of the country.

Traditions and fiestas like bull-running in Pamplona, setting fire to the huge paper constructions in the "Fallas" of Valencia, religious parades for Easter celebrations, the famous "Semana Santa", tomato fights on the streets of Buñol (Valencia), etc.

Sightseeing gives you the opportunity of finding roman ruins, celtic remainings, Moorish constructions, modern buildings, world heritage cities, and amazing parks and gardens, among others.

Make the most of your time in Spain and experience its culture, history, discover its villages, sky resorts, beaches, tapas, fiestas, wines, ... there’s so much more to do and to see!. We give you in this section our suggestions about what to do in Spain. Check out our guide of Spanish Paradors too.