Spain is one of Europe’s most diverse countries, historically, culturally and geographically. Along its own History, Romans, Celts, Arabs have left their vestiges, creating a unique collection of different products to offer. Also, the incoming products from America and another lands during 16th and next centuries, have largely enriched this great heritage.

Wine has been one of the oldest products that Rome used to take away from here. Grapes and wines from Valencia were famous throughout the Mediterranean Sea for centuries.

French monks appreciated the special climate at Rioja and they planted several types of grapes to produce excellent wines that were exported to France.

Because of the land diversity of this country and the different weather conditions in each region of Spain, wine has its own “personality” depending on where vines are installed. A wide variety of flavours and aromas from Jerez (Sherry) to Galicia’s, La Mancha’s, Catalonia’s, etc. are really insured.

Nowadays, red wines from Rioja, Ribera de Duero, La Mancha, Valladolid, etc. as well as white wines from Valladolid, Catalonia, Galicia, etc. and sparkling wines from Catalonia are very well produced and carefully blended and aged to obtain distinctive and splendid products. Tradition and updated technologies work together to reach these quality wines.

Olive oil, that “liquid gold”, made of different families of olive fruits, is also diverse along Spain regions. Andalucía, the first olive oil producer, keeps the Arabian tradition alive joining the olive trees quality and today’s processes to obtain quantity and character on their oils.

Catalonia has reached meritorious reputation on their olive oil by raising their distinctive olive trees all over the southern side of the Pyrenees.

All through Spain, almost each and every village and its surroundings have their own production of olive oil by small industries and co-operative societies.

Citric fruits are part of the direct Arabian heritage, with orange and lemon plantations along Mediterranean coast and throughout Andalucía. These fruits were already well known in many other countries by the ancient commerce and now are much more carefully treated to guaranty their quality, since they are widely exported.

In a very diverse country as ours, cattle (cows, lambs, pork, etc.) as well as fishing (Spain has a very old tradition on fishing) offer all kinds of recipes and products to the most exigent “palates”.

It is necessary to remark the Iberian pork products, from cured ham to all kinds of sausages, from Salamanca and Andalucía, well known and very famous all over the world because of their high quality and large variety.

Within the half million of square kilometres that comprises Spain, a wide selection of farm and elaborated products is here to offer whatever the visitor may wish and to please all different tastes.