Some Barcelona tips for travellers

Barcelona, like Madrid, has excellent public transport services. Barcelona’s metro (the subway) is the easiest way of getting from one part of the city to another. Tickets cost around 1 euro each, but you will get a reduction buying a card for 10 trips.

Buses may not be as convenient and fast as the metro but they are an excellent option for tourists since they offer a better view of the city. You’ll find bus stops on main streets, bus tickets cost around 1 euro and can be purchased directly from the driver. For information on bus and metro routes and schedules check this website:

You will recognize Barcelona’s taxis by their typical black and yellow colours, the fares are not too expensive compared with other European capitals, but make sure that the price for the ride is displayed on the taximeter. You can get a taxi at any of the taxi stops located on most streets, or you can call to order one on this number 933 033 033.

Barcelona’s airport has flights to and from many international destinations and to some other Spanish cities. For more information check the Spanish airports website:

A special bus service, the Aerobus, connects Barcelona’s airport with the city centre every 15 minutes. There is also a train from the airport to Barcelona centre. For more information and schedules

Trains are a good option for travelling from Barcelona to other Spanish regions. The two main train stations in Barcelona are Estació de Sants and Estacio de França (for long distance trains), you will find information on the website of the Spanish railways:

Buses are also available for travelling from Barcelona to other cities in Spain, although buses are not as comfortable as trains, they reach a wider range of destinations. Several bus companies operate in Barcelona. You can get information for travelling by bus from Barcelona at the main bus station: Estacion Barcelona Nord

Barcelona’s harbour is also an important communication node from which you can get boats to several other Mediterranean destinations.