Caceres first settlements can be traced back to the Paleolithic era, but it was during Roman domain that the city flourished. A wall was built and still can be seen like the Arco del Cristo gate.

After this period, Caceres suffered aperiod of decline and decay under Visigothic power until the Arabs arrived in the 8th. During this time, the city was mainly under Arab control, though it has periods of Christian presence. In this time, a great community of Jews settled and lived with the Moors and Christians. The Jewish community left a quarter that can be visited nowadays partially. All gave to the city new walls, towers and palaces.

Christians reconquered Caceres in 12th c. During this period and the Discovery of America, the city suffered a great change since many people migrated to America to look for their fortune. The main families of the city and nobles built bigger palaces, churches and buildings with all this money. And from this period is the actual city downtown, where you can get immerse yourself in the past.

In the 19th century, Cáceres became the capital of the province, and was capital of Franco’s government for a short period during the Spanish Civil War. Nowadays, it is the capital of the province and here is placed as well part of the Extremadura University.