Once in the island, it offers many activities to the tourists. Not just sunbathing at beaches. The constant winds and its 82 km of beaches like Pájara, Gran Tarajal or Corralejo, gives a great opportunity to windsurfing, surfing or kiteboarding lovers.

From April to October hundreds of windsurfers are attracted to the Fuerteventura island to realize their dream of sun, good temperature and wind. So, the Majorera Island has become the home of many of well-known sportsman and women.

Diving is also worthy to mention. The island is much more than you see. It hides outstanding treasures in hits depths and in its beaches. Fuerteventura is home of many endemic species but it also contains many species that you could wish to see but never seen before. The Island is a good chance for sailors. The dominant winds and currents favour long, pleasant excursions on yachts and sailing boats. Sport fishing is also a great attraction of the island due to the Atlantic blue marlin. This is one of the most appreciated specie for any sport fisher, with specimens of more than 200 kilos.

For golfers, the island has, as well, an outstanding surprise. The course is situated in the centre of the island very close to the capital and its airport. The club is fully equipped to give an unforgettable to the visitants. The course was designed by architect Juan Catarineu having in mind the important role of wind in the game. This is a classic course of par 70, with 1.500.000 square meters of green spaces and some very outstanding views over the sea.