Here are some suggestions of places to visit from Sevilla, daytrips and other interesting sights out of the city.


The Roman ruins of Itálica are one of the places you must go to when visiting Seville. 10 kilometres north from Seville, this city was founded by the Romans in the year 206 BC and was the birthplace of the famous Roman Emperor Trajan (Trajano in Spanish).

Here you can still see the remains of the Roman city, an impressive amphitheatre which once hold 25.000 people and beautiful mosaic floors.

Doñana national Park (Parque de Doñana)

Doñana is one of the largest national parks in Europe, it is easy to reach by bus. In the park you will find woods, marshes and spectacular wildlife. Tourism in Doñana is controlled to protect wildlife, so the best way to visit the park is through one of the visitors’ centres, or taking one of the guided tours, either by bus or by boat navigating the Guadalquivir river.


The historic town of Carmona, 30 kilometres from Seville, is perfect for a day trip. Both the Romans and the Moors have left their imprint in this picturesque town.

You may start your visit at the Moorish arch of Puerta de Sevilla, where you will find the tourist information centre. From here, walk through the narrow streets to the main square, the Plaza San Fernando. Visit also the Gothic church of Santa María and the city’s museum.

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