In Valladolid you will discover the true spirit of Castilla, the architecture typical from inner Spain and the traditional Spanish life style.

Once you have explored the city you can leave some time for leisure in any of the theme parks and museums located in this Spanish province. Another good option is to explore the surroundings of the city, discovering historical and picturesque villages of the region on daytrips from Valladolid.

These are our suggestions of the best places to go to when visiting Valladolid, there is plenty to do!

Museum of wine in Peñafiel – Museo del vino

The Museum of wine is located in the castle of Peñafiel, which makes it even a more interesting place to visit. The castle dates from the 11th century and was declared a Historical monument in 1917. In the museum you will learn about the history and evolution of wine, about the production process and also some wine tasting. This will be a perfect occasion for learning more about the famous Spanish wines produced in this region, the Ribera del Duero.

The village of Peñafiel is around 50 kilometres from Valladolid.

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Boat trips

From the village of Medina de Rioseco you can take a trip on the boat

Antonio de Ulloa and navigate along the historical Channel of Castilla (Canal de Castilla), from the boat you will enjoy wonderful views of the riverbanks.

Or, embark yourself in the Legend of the Pisuerga river (la Leyenda del Pisuerga). From the Beach of Las Moreras in Valladolid you may take this boat which offers a 12-kilometer excursion through the river.

Mudejar architecture Theme park “Pasión Mudejar”

If you are travelling with children this is a perfect place to go. In this theme park you will find reproduction in small size of the most significant buildings of this beautiful architecture which is deeply linked to the history of Valladolid and to the history of Castilla León.

The Pasión Mudejar park is located in the village of Olmedo, also worth a visit. Olmedo is some 40 kilometres south of Valladolid

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Medina del Campo

This was a very influential town in the Middle ages, famous for banking and for the sheep industry, it was a popular destination for wealthy traders. Medina del Campo was also the summer residence for the powerful Queen Isabel II and her imprint is still visible in the town. The most interesting places to visit in Medina del Campo are the Castle, Castillo de la Mota, the chapel of Santa María del Castillo and the main square, Plaza Mayor.

Medina del Campo is only 45 minutes from Valladolid by bus.


A 30 minute ride from Valladolid will take you to Tordesillas. The city is famous for the 1494 treaty which was signed here, dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal. Inside the old city walls, the town still keeps its monasteries and churches.


The town of Simancas is around 10 kilometers from Valladolid. The beautiful castle from the 15th century is worth seeing. During the Renaissance, the Castle of Simancas became the Archive of the Kingdom, being the first Archive building of the world. Today it still contains millions of valuable documents from the Middle ages.