Located in the northern Spanish plain, Zamora is easy to reach from most cities in the north of Spain.

When travelling to or from this city our transport guide of Zamora may help you to find the best transportation for your trip.

Like most Spanish cities Zamora is connected to the main regions on the north of Spain and to Madrid which is a link to the rest of the country.

Road and trains are the main ways to get to Zamora. You will find the train station in the Station Road (carretera de la estación), quite close to the city center that can be reached by a 15 minute walk.

Trains from Zamora go to Madrid Chamartin station, to nearby Avila and Valladolid, to La Coruña and Pontevedra in Galicia and to Barcelona among other destinations.

For more information about train schedules and to buy tickets online go to the Spanish trains website: www.renfe.es

Transport by bus and coach is quite popular and widespread in Spain, since prices are relatively low and they offer a large range of destinations. The bus station of Zamora is located in Avenue of Alfonso de la Peña, only a few meters from the train station and also close to the city center.

Bus destinations include a large amount of villages in the province, cities like Zaragoza, Salamanca, Madrid, La Coruña, Gijón or Cáceres and also international destinations like Brussels, Portugal and Paris.

To move in the city walking will be a good option since Zamora is not too big and is easy and safe to walk from one part of the city to another.

Taxis can be handy too and are not too expensive, an average fare will be around 3-6 €.

You may also rent a car for your visit to Spain, remember than in Spain you should drive on the right side.