Thanks to its University, this city is a perfect place for going out for a good time. People say that the best cities in Spain for night life are Santiago, Salamanca and Granada. And if noisy bars are not for you, Salamanca also has lots of sidewalk cafes where you can enjoy a quiet drink and a chat.

Salamanca during the school year

Usually students go out just at weekends. You can enjoy yourself going out from Thursday to Saturday.
Salamanca is so full of good places to go for a night out that it is not easy to offer specific advice. If you go out on Thursday you can find bars with special offers (parties, second drink free, etc.) and you can finish off the night at a disco.

On Friday or Saturday you will find most places full of people, so choosing one spot or another is up to you. In some bars on Friday nights you get your second drink free (in Pino, for example).

If you like rock, punk and that sort of thing, you will want to go to La Iguana, Paniagua, Chao, or Rivendel. And to top off the evening, there is of course El Potenkim, and later (after 6:00 a.m.) El Contrastes (not the place for you if you don’t like crowds). There is also a variety of spots for other types of music.

Salamanca in Summer

In summer there are fewer people, but there are more foreign visitors, who tend to like to go out every night. They frequent places like Camelot, Puerto de Chus, Submarino, Moderno, Cum-Laude and El Sol. The most popular meeting point is “the Litro Bar” (not its real name) on the corner near Morgana.

As a foreign student you can take advantage of lots of cheap drinks (not always of particularly good quality), along with parties and special promotional nights at certain places.

Discounts are available in summer, at El Helmántico, for example. Another interesting thing in summer in Salamanca (and in Spain in general) is the large number of local festivals. In August there are a lot of local festivals in the towns around Salamanca, while the Salamanca festival starts on the 8th of September and finishes on the 21st.