The city of Salamanca is located in the north east corner of the province with the same name, but in every corner of the region you will find sites worth visiting. If you have some time to spare in the region of Salamanca, here are some suggestions of the best places to visit: where to go in Salamanca.

70 kilometres south of Salamanca, you’ll find the beautiful city of Béjar, with 14.000 inhabitants. Surrounded by mountains, the landscape is, in fact, one of the main appeals of the town. This area known as “Sierra de Béjar” is a meeting point for nature lovers and mountaineers.

Béjar offers plenty of tourist services and monuments worth a visit, since it has been an important city also in the past. In a visit to Béjar, you cannot miss its “Palacio Ducal” (the palace of the dukes of the city), the remains of the stone walls built by the Arabs which once surrounded the city, and of course, the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain dating from 1711.

From here you may continue your tour of the southern mountains of Salamanca, visiting the picturesque village of Candelario, and the ski resort of Sierra de Béjar – la Covatilla, only some 10 kilometres from the city of Béjar

La Sierra de Francia is another mountain area close to Sierra de Béjar. Here you will also discover astonishing landscapes and typical villages such as “La Alberca” and Miranda del Castañar with its 15th-century fortress. Traditions, fiestas and local folklore have been kept in these villages as is shown in their buildings, their “fiestas” and their typical garments.

On the North West corner of the province of Salamanca you will find the area known as Arribes de Duero. These “arribes” are, in fact, the steep slopes at both sides of the river Duero. Following the water course towards Portugal you can enjoy the amazing views over the riverside, the beautiful waterfalls such as “el Pozo de los Humos” and dykes like the one of “la Almendra”.