Salamanca is a medium size city which offers both the advantages of a big capital, with plenty of leisure facilities, and a small city. Lively and calm at the same time.

In its ancient buildings or strolling through its street you will find the peace of a city with a rich past, and even feel like walking in city of the Middle Ages.
Salamanca is also a bustling city with lively cafés, terraces and discos, nightlife is in fact one of the main appeals of the city.

Most of the city centre is pedestrianised inviting tourists to walk and discover the heart of the city without the noise of traffic. In the centre you will find museums, theatres, cinemas, shops, and good restaurants, where meat is usually the star.

If you go sightseeing in Salamanca you cannot miss a visit to the famous façade of the University, where you can try to find the “frog” which is supposed to bring good luck to those who find it among the rich decoration of the carved façade. A key place in the city is without any doubt its Plaza Mayor, the central square where people meet for a coffee or lunch in the sunny terraces, during the day, or for going out partying, at night. You will surely agree in that this is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain.
Also worth a visit are the Cathedral and the Museum “Casa Lis” right behind it with its Art Nouveau and Art Deco collections.
At this point you will surely have noticed that there is a special light in the city. In fact most of its monuments and churches are built with a type of stone which gives them a golden aspect, especially at sunset.

This is the perfect place to study Spanish language, since the pronunciation in Salamanca is quite standard and the purest Spanish is said to be spoken in the region. Besides the courses offered by the prestigious University of Salamanca you will also many schools of Spanish for foreigners.

Salamanca has no coast or beaches, but in summer you will find plenty of swimming pools where foreigners and locals go for a suntan and a swim. Other sport facilities are available in the different gyms or sport centres spread throughout the city.

Enjoy your visit to Salamanca!

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