As result of the renewal works undergone in the city during recent years, La Coruña offers now good communications and means of transport. Here we offer you information about transportation in la Coruña.

Flying to La Coruña

La Coruña has become a popular destination also for international tourists thanks to the two airports in the region (one in Santiago de Compostela and the other nearby the city of la Coruña), and to the low cost companies operating in the area. For further information on flights and airports of la Coruña visit these websites:

La Coruña Airport, located 8 kilometres north of the city. A bus service communicates the airport with the city centre in a 25-minute trip.

Airport of Santiago de Compostela, located near the city of Santiago.

Travelling by bus or coach

Bus and coach companies operating in la Coruña have their headquarters in the Bus Station which is located on the street Caballeros, number 21.

La Coruña Bus station: Several companies offer transportation to different destinations meeting the needs of most visitors to La Coruña. For further information on destinations and schedules you may contact the Bus station or check the websites below for the most important coach companies.

Bus station telephone number: 981 184 335


On this website you will also find information about buses departing and arriving to La Coruña bus station: Bus station la Coruña.

Travelling in the city

In La Coruña you can walk to most places, but if you are short of time or if the weather is not good for walking you can use the public transport, different tram and bus lines can take you to any corner of the city. They run daily from 6.30 to 23.30 and on Sundays and bank holidays from 7.30 to 23.30

You can check the exact times and routes in this website: La Coruña bus and trams


Tele taxi offers a 24-hour service in A Coruña, to order a taxi you can call 981 287 777, or get one at any of the taxi stops on the main streets of the city.