If you have already explored La Coruña city it is now time to discover some of the best places in its surroundings. From La Coruña you can easily travel to the most important cities of Galicia either by train, bus or car (in our transportation section you will find further information)

When travelling to this part of Spain, you cannot miss to visit the city of Santiago de Compostela, not only because it is a World Heritage City and the capital of Galicia, but especially because this is the final stage of the famous Pilgrimage route of St. James: ‘el Camino de Santiago’.

Once you arrive in Santiago, head towards the cathedral to reach the city centre. Follow the beautiful 12th-century streets: Rua Franco, Rua Nova, and Rua do Vilar to get to the heart of the city, the square of Obradoiro, right besides the impressive Cathedral of St James, which is one of Spain’s greatest monuments and a pilgrimage destination famous worldwide.

It is interesting to watch the curious rites and traditions which are performed inside the Cathedral: Pilgrims and visitors bump their heads on the figure of its author to obtain prudence and wisdom and people queue waiting to embrace the stone bust of the Apostle Saint James. Don’t miss to see the huge incense holder, known as Botafumeiro, which is waved high in the ceilings and vaults of the main transept during the mass.

A good time to visit Santiago de Compostela can be during the Festival of the Apostle St. James, on July 25th.

After Santiago, you may continue your tour in the province of La Coruña travelling to the region of the Costa da Morte (coast of death), a zone of cliffs over the Atlantic where you will find lighthouses like the one at Finisterre, which was believed in past times to be ‘the end of the known world’.

The Cape Finisterre (Fisterra in Galician), considered the most western point of Europe, is a 5 km long peninsula. Its lighthouse, built on the end of the cape in 1853, has not been enough to avoid the shipwrecks caused by the thick fog in the zone, and now a powerful siren, called ‘the cow of Fisterra’, warns nearby ships. Fisterra´s peninsula ends in the Mount Facho, an ideal place to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, as described by countless authors from ancient history.

The coast of the province of La Coruña can be a great route to follow, crossing old fishing villages, some of which are the scenario of mysterious tales and legends.

Also near la Coruña are the Rías Altas, where you may visit towns such as Betanzos, Ferrol, Pontedeume, Viveiro or Ribadeo. Other areas worth visiting are As Mariñas and Os Bergantiños.

Further south are the Rías Baixas where you can also visit charming fishing villages of mediaeval origin like Noia and Muros, which are now popular tourism destinations.

During your stay in La Coruña you should also try some of the specialities of the Galician cuisine such as scallops, lobsters, Santiago cake or peppers from ‘Padrón’, don’t forget either the famous wines produced in the region Albariño and Ribeiro.