In this section about what to do in La Coruña (A Coruña in Galician language) we offer you the best ideas for your visit to this Spanish city.

Arriving in Galicia you will already notice that this doesn’t match the typical image of Spain that most tourist have. In A Coruña you will discover a special part of Spain, this is not a crowded tourism destination like the Mediterranean or Southern coasts of Spain. Here, surrounded by the ocean and the green landscapes you will feel “inside the green heart of Spain”;.

The works undergone in La Coruña during the last few years have resulted in better access to the city and new sport and leisure facilities.

If you are ready to wake up early in the morning you will be able to watch one of the most curious events in the city, the arrival of the boats with fresh fish and the auction of the fishing catch. Participants in the auction communicate with fast hand movements and speak so fast that it is seems impossible that they are able to understand each other.

You can begin your tour to La Coruña following the new promenade along the seashore. The promenade, one of the longest in Europe, will take you to the beaches: Playa del Orzan and Playa Riazor which can be quite crowded on a sunny day. You may stop in Playa del Orzan to visit the Domus Museum or Casa del Hombre (House of Man), a museum that combines Anthropology, Natural History and Science, it also displays interesting interactive exhibitions.

Continuing your visit to the city you cannot miss the Roman Tower of Hercules, a lighthouse that has been in continuous operation for almost 2,000 years. This is, in fact, the oldest lighthouse in the world and has been declared World Heritage monument. There are 239 steps to the top but the view over the city is worth the effort.

Another important landmark of La Coruña is the Castle of San Antón, a fortress dating from the 16th century that has been rebuilt over the centuries. It is located on a small island and is artificially connected to the mainland. The other castle of the city, Castillo de San Diego, houses the Archaeological Museum of La Coruña. It is situated on the opposite side of the bay and together with the Castle of San Antón they served to protect the entrance to the harbour.

Take a walk through the Old City, visiting its monuments and squares. You can stop for a drink in La Marina or in Plaza María Pita and try some of the delicious local “tapas” (small portions of food served in bars).

Other places to visit include “La Casa de los Peces” (the house of fishes), an aquarium with over 300 species, and the beautiful churches of Santiago and San Jorge. Close to Church of San Jorge you will also find an original and funny square “Plaza del Humor”.

When the sun comes down, you will realise that La Coruña, like nearly every Spanish city, has a lively night life. In the narrow streets of the Pescadería district you will find hundreds of bars where you can enjoy a glass of local wine. On the weekend these streets become the meeting point for the night out in the city.

We hope that these suggestions will contribute to make your stay in La Coruña a memorable one!