La Laguna is the former capital and lively student city. It full name is Ciuidad de San Cristóbal de la Laguna, that is Saint Christopher’s city. It is second size city of Tenerife Island. It is the cultural and religious capital, full of outstanding architectural monuments, places and traditional houses of the XVII and XVIII centuries

It is situated out of doors from beautiful balconies in La Orotava. In La Laguna it is possible to appreciate the beauty and eccentricity of urban Canaries design – the bright arrayed facades with the heavy, double wooden doors and charming balconies, and the width, elegant windows, which have the wooden shutters. In depth there hides cool and shaded patios – in the best houses rimmed with verandas on first floor, supported on slender wooden columns. It is worth to look in every open gate – everywhere you can find something interesting. It is necessarily to see such richly adorned houses like Casa del Corregidor, Casa de la Alhondiga, Casa Mesa and Casa Alvaro Bragamonte.

You have to see the famous church Iglesia de la Concepción, which was built in 1502 and was the first church ever build in Tenerife. There are also other churches in the La Laguna all very beautiful and worth seeing. To name just few there is Iglesia de Santo Domingo, the monument is from XVII century and a possesses few good canvases painted by Cristóbala Hernandeza de Quintana and Iglesia de San Miguel de ias Victorias (for locals simply del Cristo) with famous black wooden Gothic sculpture insight. It was founded by Lugo in 1507. In La Laguna you can visit three very famous museums. History and art are to be found in the Casa Ossun Museum, The Friends of the Country Economic Society Museum, the Concepcion Church’s Museum and the Cathedral’s Museum