Most people are unaware of the wonderful weather and climate found in the Canary islands all year round. In Tenerife the difference of temperature between summer and winter is really low, making of the island a perfect destination for winter holidays too. The weather can be occasionally rainy, although there is no specific rainy season, rainfalls can be occasionally strong.

The minimum and maximum annual average temperatures in Tenerife are around 15ºC in winter and 24 °C in summer; this is one of the world’s best and most delightful climates. Another characteristic of the weather of Tenerife is the surprising variety of micro-climatic zones, enabling visitors to almost choose their climate, depending on the part of the island.

The Trade winds, together with the refreshing Gulf air currents, are the major weather factors that contribute to Tenerife’s climate.The Teide mountain usually has three months of snow – yet it is possible to enjoy a swim on the beach within a one-hour drive. The coastal areas, and specially the south, enjoy most of the sunshine, the best weather, the least clouds and higher temperatures.

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