Santa Cruz is the capital and largest city of Tenerife. Located in the north-eastern corner of the Canary islands, it holds an important seaport and is also a tropical resort with impressive scenery and mild tropical climate. It can be, however, a bit disappointing, from the tourist point of view, when compared to other towns of the island with astonishing sights and wonderful city centres. Santa Cruz is a more austere city which has been the main shopping area of the island for years, especially for electronic devices. A modern town with plenty of industry and with a busy sea port.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is famous for its commercial stores. If you wish to go shopping in Tenerife, don’t miss the shopping area of Santa Cruz’s city centre (streets Castillo, San José, del Pilar, Viera and Clavijo), the shops in Rambla street and the shopping malls of Avenida de 3 Mayo and Añaza.

The most popular place in Santa Cruz is “La Plaza de España” (square of Spain) right by the sea, here stands one of the main administrative buildings the “Cabildo de Tenerife”.

Behind the “Plaza de la Candelaria” you will discover the 16th century church of “La Concepcion” and higher up is the charming “Plaza del Principe” square, next to which stands the18th century church of San Francisco and the convent which houses the Local Museum of Arts. In Pilar street, stands an 18th century church of “Pilar”, follow this street to one of finest places in Santa Cruz, the Park of Garcia Sanabria where you’ll find lush trees of all kinds.

Tenerife’s Auditorium, designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is also a monument worth visiting, an original white building whose roof simulates the sail of a ship.

The famous beach of Las Teresitas is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. An excellent beach with golden sand which was brought from the Sahara dessert to cover the black volcanic sand typical from this part of the island.