Eating “pescaíto frito” is as much a part of daily life in Seville as the scent of azahar (orange blossom) in early spring.

Platters of pescaíto frito can be enjoyed at any time of year in the restaurants, bars and friedurías (fried fish shops) of Seville. In fact, in freidurías you can buy fried fish by the kilo.

The preparation of pescaíto frito is very simple.

Take the fish of your choice, coat it with flour, and fry it in abundant Spanish olive oil.
And that’s it!

There is no better place to truly taste the “tradition” of this dish than Seville the night before the opening of the April Fair, when sevillanos meet up in the fair’s casetas to kick off the festival with a full stomach. This pre-fair feast has been given the name El Pescaito.

Boquerones (anchovies), sardines, calamares rebozados (fried battered squid)…. a potpourri of names that together make up the irresistible platters of pescaíto frito.

While you wait, you should drink sherry, either dry for example ’Tio Pepe’, or sweet like ’Canasta’!